Dads who care

Dove Men Care


Art Direction


Dove Men Care is an active promoter of Family leave and a redefined meaning of masculinity: care, for yourself and others, is a strength.


Dove Men Care


Jillian Marasigan (AD), Andrew Del Valle (CW)


Award Submission


Develop an integrated campaign that has dads, moms, and employers, to take a pledge for paid family leave. A key given insight was "the more men talk about paternity leave, the more likely they are to take it."

Research Insight

Many studies found that skin to skin (S2S) contact
between the father and his newborn child is just as
beneficial to the baby as S2S with their mothers.

This is widely considered as the starting point of the father's future relationship with his baby. For this reason, it's the visual signature of the campaign. It also relates to the brand, considering that Dove sells many skincare products. 

Cultural Insight

There's a change in gender role expectations, where the parental duties have been becoming more equal within the couple. 

From "What kind of man chooses his family over his professional priorities?" to "What kind of man isn't present in his offspring's upbringing?" 

Dads who care

We want to shake the traditional perception of paternal responsibility during the early stages of his child’s life. A dad that demands to take his right to be present in his newborn early stage, is a dad who cares.

Phase 1: Video

Copy-driven video showing different stages of fatherhood all relating to “touch”. The video takes the viewer through the story of fatherhood, starting from his child’s high school graduation, winding back to the child’s birth, where he holds his newborn “skin to skin”. This image is highlighted as the campaign’s main visual theme and reiterates the importance of paternity leave through that “first touch.”


Phase 2: Social Media

With the prompt “What kind of man are you?” and #DadsWhoCare, fathers, and supporters are invited to share their own S2S pictures with babies and talk about their experiences with paternity leave.

By choosing Instagram, we hope to inspire further discussion on a platform usually used to share happy moments with friends and family. We want to disrupt it with moments of rawness and vulnerability from fathers who care and bring light to the very real need of paternity leave.




Phase 3: OOH

We want to take the conversation even further by bringing this campaign out in the real world.


Selected stories from social media will be displayed as billboards to help spark the topic when people are not online. The tender moment between father and child is allowed to shine, while a small excerpt of their paternity leave experience provides context.

I will forever cherish these weeks at home watching my husband bonding with Damian.


Taking care of her makes me feel like the strongest man in the World.


This bonding moment with my daughter is the most important thing in my life at this time.


I will be forever grateful to my company for letting me spend this crucial time with my boys.

NEW DAD's QUOTE (about his company's family leave)