What's on your mind?



Art Direction


Dosist makes CBD vape pens with an exact balance of cannabis-derived compounds necessary to create targeted products based on functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation.




Annie Bhardwaj (AD), Isabel Lyon (AD)


Case Study


Create a campaign that presents Dosist as a new solution for wellness, and start building brand awareness where CBD products are still illegal.

CBD advertising is particularly tricky, because neither Facebook

or Google allow any sponsored messages about these products,

and there are strict guidelines regarding words and visuals. 


Millennials, our target of choice, are more proactive towards their wellness, compared to previous generations. They also show to prefer a holistic approach to their health

What's on your mind?

Everyone goes through personal challenges that might prevent us from tuning in with our bodies and minds.
When this happens, how can we live our life to the fullest? 

Phase 1: OOH

OOH would be placed in the targeted cities in strategic places such as commuting areas: commuting is a moment in everyday life where we are more likely to be lost in thought.

What's on your mind asks for a self-reflection, and invite people to scan the code, without giving away what Dosist
is about yet. 



Phase 2: Website

By scanning the code, the web-app will open on our landing page, where people can take a quick and fun quiz, that will help them find which Dosist formula could help them with their issues. 

Once you get the result, you're invited to learn more about the brand on their main website and to share their results on social media platforms.

Phase 3: Spotify

Another objective of this campaign was to start building brand awareness where cannabis hasn't been approved yet. 

In order to do so, we thought Dosist should start becoming active on Spotify by creating targeted playlists for each of their formulas.