Hims is a telehealth brand for men's' wellness, and one of their most popular services is a monthly kit for hair loss. As a brand, they are motivated to fight the stigma associated with men and personal care, especially when it comes to balding, which often cause real distress and shame. My challenge was to bring awareness to the issue and make taking care of yourself something relatable and aspirational. 


FIELD      Product, Influencers


YEAR       2020



Men who feel insecure about their hair loss turn to hats to help them cope with it, and they wear them everywhere, despite situations and seasons. 



Turn the hat into a secret code of support and awareness among men, as well as a promotional tool for the hair loss subscription. 

Hims reaches a hand to those men who are not ready yet to ditch the hat, but at the same time need motivation

to start taking care of their problem. If not ready yet, by just wearing the hat you are able to send out a message of awreness. 

Hims produces an apparently “anonymous” cap, low key advertised through influencers on social media, with a twist: inside the hat, only visible by who wears it, there's a secret message and the promo code for a trial of the hair loss kit. 


The choice of a highlighted yellow
has a double purpose: 

- It catches the eye, making it stand out among a thousand other hats while keeping a minimal "anonymous" look. 

- The deeper meaning of highlighting the same object that supposedly hides the problem. 


Influencers, creatives, and others will be invited to wear the hat in casual settings and their daily life,
without giving away the hair loss subject.

The goal is to have people starting talking about these weird yellow hats that are popping out everywhere.