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Martini's New Blood D&AD Brief 2020, and we won a wood pencil!
 The challenge was to create a physical brand experience that celebrates Martini's campaign idea Let’s Make Time, which focuses on making time spent with friends a priority. 

However, Covid-19 happened. We didn't want to do another campaign about it, but we wanted be sensitive about it.

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CLIENT  Martini

FIELD      Experience, Art Direction


YEAR       2020

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FIERO & TONIC With this campaign, Martini wants to launch Martini Fiero, designed to be mixed with Tonic.


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Young Millennials, old enough to have their party days behind, but yet not to have plans to settle down to marriage and kids. They live in great urban American areas, they have on average middle positions, and so can indulge on treating themselves with nice things
and international travels.  

The Italian Aperitivo is meant to open the appetite, but it is also the time to open about the trivialities of life, to share your joys and frustrations, and let go.

On the contrary, the US version, the "Happy Hour" isn’t so happy. It is an excuse to drink and forget troubles as quickly as possible. 


Even though we've all experienced long lockdowns,

many still feel unsure to hang out in public spaces,
preferring small social gatherings in private homes.  

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Open house: LET’S MAKE TIME. 

In an age where being around crowds has been stigmatized, Martini brings the bar to you, in your home.

People understand the value of friendship and time now more than ever. As society adjusts to normality, it is time for people to be their true selves in their most intimate setting— their house. 

A selected host’s home will be transformed into a branded experience that turns their home into a MARTINI bar,  

where a guide will teach to the host and their most intimate friends about the art of aperitivo, and how to open up in the process by using Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions. These questions are designed to help people to get to know each other and create a sense of intimacy in as little as an hour. 


Untitled_Artwork 31.gif


This will be the go-to kit for hosts of Martini Time: a pick-up-and-go kit that will ease the transition into this new drinking culture. These kits will be available at retail locations across the country and through our partnership with DRIZLY. 

What's inside:

A bottle of Fiero and one of Tonic, as well as cards containing Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions, which are designed to break down barriers between people.

Each kit will include three random questions cards to incentivize our audience to repeat purchases of the kit to gather all the cards. 

thank you cards mockup.png

It also includes Thank You postcards, which provide an opportunity to handwrite a note expressing your gratitude toward the person with whom you chose to share Martini Time. 

These Thank You postcards will also contain a QR code that users can scan to upload pictures of the night so that their friends can always look back at that night and see a fond memory. 

Untitled_Artwork 31.gif


Interspersed between the user-generated content,
like the Thank You cards,  will be tips and tricks on participating
in the Italian cultural ritual that is aperitivo. 

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Quote post_mockup copy.png
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