This is a collection of my work for Sotheby's in New York, where I was employed as a graphic designer. 


Sotheby's Creative works as an in-house agency. I worked cross-departments, allowing me to collaborate on a daily basis with a team of art directors and marketing managers. Each auction is anticipated with an extensive range of advertising, PR events, and exhibitions open to the public. Our daily job consisted of designing and producing all the promotion collaterals.


Each department at Sotheby's has an individual visual style to follow, while maintaining the corporate luxurious brand guideline to keep consistent throughout the work.

Printed Collaterals

Advertising, posters, invitations, building orientations.

Digital E-Vites

Digital Evites had a less strict template, which allowed a personal interpretation of the brand's guidelines. 


I was indicated as the reference designer for Sotheby's Wine, assisting the Art Director in crafting the packaging that could follow the new identity.