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Victoria's Secret was the unchallenged leader in the lingerie market. Now, not anymore. They used to have a strong identity, based on
sex appeal and desire, but focused mainly on what appeals to the male gaze, and it hasn’t changed for decades. However, our culture and society have advanced a lot since the 90s.

They need to find new answers to Who are we, and Why we exist.


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CLIENT  Victoria's Secret

FIELD      Strategy, Art Direction

YEAR       2020

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Women of all ages, but with focus on 18-35 y/o. 

While VS claims:

"Wear this and you will be sexy as our Angels",

Women are becoming more inclined to:
"You are sexy, and our lingerie will show it off."

It’s the first layer of clothing you put on, and also
the last one you remove.

In both situation, it involves very private and intimate moments with your own self (or others).


COMPETITORS Aerie and Savage X Fenty are successful examples of new brands that are stealing market share from Victoria's Secret.


What does sexy mean in 2020?
Sexy is feeling good in your own skin.

When this happens, women are more confident,
therefore feel they’re capable to achieve all their ambitions.  



When you wear Victoria's Secret, your face says it all.

Because when you feel good with yourself, everyone can see it from your face (yourself included.)

Victoria's Secret new purpose becomes to sell lingerie that makes every woman look and feel the best of themselves.

This is a campaign that shifts the attention from the product to how that product makes you feel.
It features a series of women, diverse in ethnicity, age, and body type, photographed, from their shoulders and above. 

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