Feel your best self

Victoria's Secret



The challenge was to pick a failing or about-to-fail brand and develop a new brand strategy that could help change the situation. 


Victoria's Secret


Case Study


Victoria’s Secret is the brand leader in the lingerie market in the USA.

However, their marketing has been almost the same for 20 years,

while culture and society have incredibly changed.

The share price has plunged from 33% in 2016 to 24% in 2018. 

In February 2019, Victoria's Secret announced the closing of 53 stores.

What is "sexy"?

One of my objectives for the research was to investigate how the culture around lingerie has changed. Victoria's Secret sells a very clear idea of sexiness. However, women pointed out that it has a strong male-driven point of view on what is considered sexy.


Victoria’s Secret is telling women:

Wear our lingerie and you will be sexy like our Angels


while women are becoming more attracted to: 

You are sexy, and our lingerie will show it off.

Human Truth

So, when do women feel sexy? When they feel good about themselves. From interviewing peers and doing research on online threads on the subject, confidence comes out as the key definer for sexiness. 

Business Truth

The new generations crave for a mirror:

Rather following an ideal, they praise those brands who make them feel represented and included in the conversation. 


On the other hand, competitors are listening.

Aerie, ThirdLove, and Savage X Fenty are just a few new brands that are fast growing in the market and have a refreshing take on lingerie.

How can Victoria's Secret update the brand strategy and

differentiate from what the competition is already doing?


USP: to each, her own


USP: Your real power is you. 


USP: Sexy lingerie for all. 


Victoria’s secret should aim to have every woman to look and feel the best to her own eyes and senses.

What happens when a woman feels the best of herself? Confidence has the power to unlock your potential, and feel capable to achieve all your ambitions.

Feel your best self

A campaign that shifts the attention from the product to what that it makes you feel. When you feel the best of yourself while looking into the mirror, your face says it all. 


In addition to the OOH, with the purchase at Victoria's Secret, stickers will be provided, so to have a personal empowering message on your own mirror every day.