Art Direction

Verizon, wanted us to develop a 360 campaign to make tech-savvy Americans aware of the full impact that 5G will have on society,
since this technology has the potential to change how we work and

live like never before.


This project was the outcome of the week-long Creative Boot Camp organized by The One Club for Creativity, in partnership with The Community agency in Miami. We were awarded as second best project.




Felipe Silva (CW) 


Pitch Deck

Redefining Connection


Verizon 5G

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

To make a great impact, give people the opportunity to test themselves the power of 5G and see with their own eyes how this technology will redefine the meaning of connection.


First, a printing campaign to announce our experiential event. Minimal content is wanted in order to instill curiosity. 

5G Café

The experiential event consists of 5G hotspots in various cities of the US to create 5G Cafés. 

These experiential activations will have two main features:

1. 3D Hologram Calls

Our visitors would be able to participate to experience their first 3D video call with a visitor in another 5G in the country as a hologram will be projected in the room.


This is made possible thanks to Evercoast, a tech startup that works on integrated software and cloud rendering platform for real-time and captured holographic content, who are already partnering with Verizon. 

2. Café Area

Here people can sit and try the 5G free wifi on their devices and on provided ones in case their own were too outdated. 

When connected, they will be able to access the 5G Ultraband wifi and to sign up for the waiting list to try the 3D Hologram Call. 

Social Media


Imagine being among the first to experience a revolutionary technology. Wouldn't you share it? Therefore, we would take advantage of the pop-up cafe experience and encourage people to share and promote their first real-time hologram interaction on social media.

A strong connection enables innovation, and let us move forward as individuals and as a society. Connection needs to be mobile, fast and most importantly, human. 


Because connection transcends technology, we made it our mission to redefine the future of it. 5G is redefining connection.

Redefining Connection

The 5G Café experiential belongs to our Redefining Connection Campaign, which includes an anthem video to tell our manifesto.  

Since the beginning, Verizon made its mission to be the most reliable network. From 1 to 4G, it defined a superior wireless connection. This is why now it's time to redefine the power of connection, once again. 

Media Buzz

Alongside the launch of the anthem video, in order to spread our vision, we will have the manifesto printed on full page ads on the major publications from those cities where Verizon will expand the 5G as next step.


The goal is to create a media buzz around these ads.